Yenepoya Institute of Arts, Science, Commerce, and Management (YIASCM) is a constituent unit of YENEPOYA (Deemed-to-be-University) instituted in the year 2017 with a vision to provide quality and industry-aligned education in the fields of Arts, Design and Humanities, Computer Science and Information Technology, Applied Sciences, Commerce and Finance and Management.

With over 50 programmes in specialised and applied areas of study and 5000+ students, YIASCM is a prominent name in industry-aligned and experiential education. Most of our programmes are delivered in collaboration and partnership with renowned industry partners and accredited associators such as IBM, TCS, AWS, ACCA, CPA, CMA, IABAC, etc. to name a few.

Our Faculty, Our Strength

YIASCM proudly presents a blend of faculty with knowledge and skill in variety of domain areas from broad to specialised, education to applied and experiential and academics to industry. Our faculty are trained and specialised in various areas of study, are constantly engaged with our industry collaborators for better alignment with the future of work, and are motivated and recharged to give students the best-in-class education with the aim to make them future-ready professionals.

Innovative Learning Centre

At YIASCM, we have initiated innovative learning strategies and education enhancement programme centres to promote higher learning outcomes, experiential and industry-aligned initiatives, improved employability programmes for better career outcomes, etc. Some of these initiatives include​


#Cipher, the Coding Centre of Excellence at YIASCMis a specialised centre focused on providing training, resources, and support for students, professionals, and researchers interested in coding and computer programming. The primary goal of the Coding Centre is to promote excellence in coding education, research, and innovation. This includes providing high-quality training and education programs that help students and professionals develop their coding skills, as well as conducting cutting-edge research in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

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The Apple Innovation Lab at YIASCM is a specialised centre established with the aim to provide students and researchers with access to the latest Apple technologies and software tools for the purposes of research, innovation, and development.

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The iHACK# Innovation Lab for Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics at YIASCM is a specialised centre established with the aim to provide students and researchers with access to the latest technologies, software tools and innovative approaches in the field of cybersecurity and cyber forensics for the purposes of research, innovation, and development.

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CARI or Centre for Applied Research and Innovation at YIASCMis a specialised centre that focuses on conducting research and development activities that are specifically aimed at addressing real-world problems and challenges faced by industry, government, and society.

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YuHub or Yenepoya Innovation and Business Incubation Centreis a specialised centre that provides resources and support for entrepreneurs, startups, and early-stage businesses. The primary goal of an Innovation and Business Incubation Centre is to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development by providing a supportive environment and a range of resources for startups and entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses.

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Accreditations and Industrial Collaborations

ICT Enabled Smart Classes and Infrastructure

YuHub (Yenepoya Innovation and Business Incubation Centre)

YIASCM Coding Centre (#Cipher)

Apple Innovation Lab

Innovation lab for Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics (iHACK#)

Centre for Applied Research and Innovation

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