B.A. Communication Design (Vissual Effectcs)


3 Years + 1 Years Honours

This program provides the tools to develop your professional skills in creating a design essential to modern communication.


This program helps you to build a strong foundation in visual effects and a broad set of skills and experiences in all areas of the industry.

You will develop the skills needed to give life to your digital art using top-of-the-line technology available in the market. During the course, you will learn how to use technology to create challenging Visual Effects. With a vast range of hands-on projects, you will gain enough experience and confidence to get your foot in the door at major Visual Effects studios.

Course Details

The course curriculum is designed to immerse you in the world of Visual Effects and help you develop practical expertise, and contribute to today and the future industry.

Visual Effects cater to all entertainment and media industries and user experience design. Along with creating innovative products, one will include audio and video editing techniques and image processing for the best results. Other methods include keying, rotoscope, match moving, compositing and effects.

Career Prospects

Very few premier educational institutions in India have the skill, expertise or know-how required to train young Indians in art & design education to match the present context of culture the industry needs. The Indian government has been trying to introduce creative media-related programs under the National Skill Development Council to upskill Indian youth.

Visual effects offer high-demand careers for those who are creative and skilful. Various industries, like entertainment, gaming, advertising, etc., collaborate with VFX professionals with the right talent and skills.


  • Students should achieve the Senior Secondary School Certificate or an equivalent examination from a recognised board with at least 45%.
  • Demonstrate creative aptitude by achieving well in an entry test conducted by the University. This entry test enables the prospective student’s Aptitude for Art and Design to be evaluated by faculty members.
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